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‘Sunset Road’ Free Single & Music Video

‘Sunset Road’ is the free single from Kathryn Overall’s debut album, ‘Not All the Leaves Are Falling‘.
This is a cheerful folk-pop tune about homecoming, mindfulness and the beauty of the autumn Bay of Plenty landscape.

“Sunset Road was written during one of my many commutes from my Tauranga office to my family farm in Maketu. The music video follows me on my journey home at sunset, stopping off at some beautiful Bay of Plenty beaches and landmarks on the way. The contemplative current that flows beneath this cheerful tune evokes a mystical sense of soul homecoming and points to the grace-filled power of nature to gather our fragmentary selves into a whole again. Solitude need not be lonely; nature is good company. Join me on this peaceful homeward journey cast in golden light.” ~ Kathryn

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Sunset | Moonrise

Mark Fruish Sunset Road

One of my favourite shots from the Sunset Road music video was something we couldn’t have planned.   No study in sunset in the Bay of Plenty is complete without the view from the top of the Papamoa Hills.

My film-making friend, Mark Fruish of Digital Creative, nobly agreed to carry his camera gear up the hill on a sunset hunt.  By chance we chose the day before the winter solstice to to make our climb and so just as the sun was setting a full moon rose over the crest of the hill. Mark had the presence of mind to spot the opportunity and get me walking along the skyline at just the right point.

I love the unscheduled magic in this shot – the contemplative enchantment captures something of the soul of the album for me.


Kathryn Overall_Moon at Sunset_Not All The Leaves are Falling

Cold KathrynBehind-the-Scenes

Of course, it was captured in a very down-to-earth way.  Less magic, more….organic.  To film, I took off the sneakers I had trekked up the hill in and my bare feet in this magical shot are squelching in mud and cow-poo.  Tres elegant. Also, I am nearly dying of hypothermia. Next time I shoot a music video I’m going to do it in summer!  Still it was worth it for the moon magic and the vision of my smallness against that towering old tree which stands sentry over the landscape.




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