Miss You

Written in the autumn of 2008

In this moment, right or wrong, I miss you
Forget the bad and let the good appear.
I remember when you broke into my heart
And recognised the hidden colour there.

There are times I notice you are absent
The missing note in this harmony.
When I see you we are talking without talking
Just smiling to avoid avoiding.

And I miss you then
Yes I miss you then.

I miss the way you sound when you are laughing
I miss the way we’d walk and talk for hours.
My car keeps trying to turn into your driveway
But I set it straight ’cause things are different now.

And I miss you then
And I miss you then.

I know it’s for the best that I don’t see you
I’ll let you walk your road and I’ll walk mine.
A better love is waiting to break in again
I won’t interrupt this dawn, not yours, not mine.

I let go again
I let go again.
I still miss you friend
But I let go again.

© Kathryn Overall 2008

This song is from Kathryn Overall’s debut album, ‘Not All the Leaves are Falling’.






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