Written in the autumn of 2009

I can walk freely
No passive silence
And breathing slow and deep
I walk the path you cleared for me
I move like dreaming…
Through the way that you
Through the way that you made clear
Through the forest of my fears
The trees that crowded…
Crowded in on me
While darkness shut me down
Now I walk in peaceful power
They keep their distance
They make way for me
No more trapped in shrinking pain
I am moving once again.

I don’t quite understand what you have done
Only have the thinnest grasp of what you’re doing now.
But this I know and this I see
That you were strong enough to love me
And you came in and got me.

© Kathryn Overall 2009

This song is from Kathryn Overall’s debut album, ‘Not All the Leaves are Falling’.






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