Benediction (Let it Rain)

Written in the winter of 2015

You don’t have to hold it all together
I am holding on to you, so you can let go.
You don’t have to wear a sunshine smile in any weather.
When it’s fine let it shine
When it rains let it pour
You don’t have to hold on anymore.

Let it rain, let it rain
Let your tears fall down and cleanse your heart again.
You know how the story ends
The sun will come up in the end
But while theres pain, let it rain.

You don’t have to hold all the answers
There are sources in this world that are greater than you.
Leave room for mystery, make space for second chances.
When you’re strong carry on
But if you fall to the floor
There’ll be arms to pick you up once more.

© Kathryn Overall 2015

This song is from Kathryn Overall’s debut album, ‘Not All the Leaves are Falling’.






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