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Album Credits

Not All The Leaves Are Falling

Words and music by Kathryn Overall.
Produced/Recorded by Luke Thompson
Mixed by Dave Baxter
Cello Arrangements by Jared Haschek 
Mastered at Crystal Mastering in Melbourne

Piano, organ, glock and all vocals by Kathryn Overall
Guitars, bass, mandolin, harmonica, percussion by Luke Thompson
Additional percusssion by Dave Baxter
Cello by Blair Harris


Without my friend, Luke, these songs would never have seen the light of day. I shall be forever grateful, bro, for your talent, friendship, home-brews, inspiration and the unique rhythm of studio days. // Knowing that Jared was arranging cello magic in Melbourne made for one of my happiest Mondays ever. // I didn’t even dare to hope that Dave Baxter would end up mixing this project – I feel very blessed and honoured that he did.

Thank you, each one of you, for your mad skills and generous souls.

~ Kathryn


Family & Friends

KO CircleA big thank-you to my Mum and Dad, for their limitless love and support and for welcoming me back to the farm as my home base for the gypsy, house-sitting lifestyle I have sustained to pay for this project. Thank you especially to Mum who fostered a love of music in me as a young girl, inspired me through the many years of piano exams and who continues to be my greatest cheerleader.

Thank you to my sisters, Joanna, Sharon and Laura for your warm-hearted support, insightful feedback and for being my best friends as well as my sisters.

Many of my friends have taken an interest in this creative project of mine and have encouraged me along the way – thank you!  I am thankful for my St Luke’s church community whose love, warmth and support spurs me on.

Special thanks go to my generous friend, Jenny Coker, who let me use her beautiful home as my ‘pierre de terre’ whenever she headed overseas, and to my friend, Sophia Vernon, whose genuine enthusiasm and insightful encouragement has given me confidence at crucial moments. Everyone releasing their first album should have a Sophia Vernon in their lives.



Words Without Music

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