My Album Blessing Prayer

When the time came for me to create my CD artwork for my ‘Not All the Leaves Are Falling’ album, I had one panel on which to say whatever felt important to say.  After writing the headline credits, I began to turn my pen towards writing thank-yous to people involved in the project, but what came out instead was this blessing prayer – written for you, the listener.  My genuine gratitude is documented in the Credits page on my album website, but this blessing prayer captures the soul of what these songs have been for me and what I hope they may be for you.

blessing 2

A Blessing Prayer

May these songs be a blessing to you.
May they call out your creativity. 
May they lift your eyes to the sky 
May they give you a peaceful place to stand when everything falls apart. 
May they help you find hope in the face of loss. 
May they give you courage to follow the uncertain path.  
May they give voice to the hidden cry. 
May they draw you into silence, call you into nature, remind you to slow down, invite you to surrender.
May they remind you of the extraordinary legacy of ordinary love. 
May they help you to become present to your own heart. 
May they help you to become present to the Divine Mystery we call God who is there in all our wanderings and wonderings.

album blessing